Date Time Name Affiliation Title
Wed 27 Aug15.00 SBC Start-of-semester meeting
Wed 3 Sep15.00 Erik GransethSBC
Wed 10 SepAll day CGB/SBC meeting
Tue 16 SepCANCELLED!! Pramod P WangikarIndiaCancelled
Wed 17 Sep15.00 Jesper LundströmSBCFinding in-hubs in gene networks
Wed 24 Sep15.00Måns EhrenbergDept of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University Selective charging of tRNA isoacceptors explains patterns of codon usage
Fri 26 Sep14.00Steve BennerDepartment of Chemistry, University of Florida, USA Analyzing Patterns of Conservation and Variation in Protein Sequences - From Structure Prediction to Functional Analysis
Wed 1 Oct15.00 Arne ElofssonSBC Protein Domain evolution
Wed 8 Oct15.00 Örjan SvenssonSBC
Wed 15 Oct15.00Ulf SwensonDpt of Phanerogamic Botany, Swedish Museum of Natural History Items of knowledge in historical biogeography: A case study of Nothofagus and it relation to Gondwana break-up
Wed 22 Oct15.00 Per KraulisSBC
Wed 29 Oct15.00 Ann-Charlotte BerglundSBC