Master's in Bioinformatics at Stockholm Bioinformatics Centre, Stockholm University

The master's program in bioinformatics is aimed at students with a bachelor degree in natural science with a deep interest to understand biology using computational methods. With the rapid growth of high throughput methods in DNA sequencing and functional genomics, the amount and complexity of biological data poses very daunting challenges. Computational approaches are however under rapid development to meet these challenges.

Our master's program in bioinformatics is focused on techniques for understanding biology. Therefore several of the obligatory courses are aimed at understanding the molecular details of life. All courses are given by professors that are performing world class research, in comparative genomics, protein bioinformatics, computational chemistry, molecular evolution and membrane proteins.

The master's program is organized by Stockholm Bioinformatics Center, the largest bioinformatics center in Sweden. Several of the courses are given at the Center for Biomembrane Research. The program is hosted at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University

In summary, the bioinformatics master's provides a unique possibility to learn the most advanced methods to analyze biological data such as complete genomes and proteomes. Included in the program is one to two semesters of research at one of the affiliated groups, providing an unique chance to obtain research experience. These groups also recruit a number of PhD students every year.

Why study bioinformatics at Stockholm University?

As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a major center of research in Europe with three universities: Stockholm University, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Karolinska Institutet. The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics has several world-leading scientists that participate in the teaching at all levels, including the bioinformatics master's programme.

Stockholm is the city where the Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine are awarded. The decisions about the former two are taken by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences within walking distance from Stockholm University, where the laureates give their Nobel lectures in the Aula Magna. Thus once a year, Stockholm is captured by the excitement of outstanding science.

Last but not least, Stockholm is beautifully situated on the Baltic Sea with many interesting cultural events, idyllic nature, a proper winter and a pleasant summer.

In summary, the master´s program in Bioinformatics at Stockholm University offers a unique possibility to study in an exciting scientific environment with a large number of world-class researchers.